Are Wireless Devices and Peripherals the Next Big Thing in Security Systems?
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Are Wireless Devices and Peripherals the Next Big Thing in Security Systems?

These days, businesses in Kansas City and around the world can’t afford to go without commercial security. Businesses are much more likely to be burglarized than private homes, and yet some business owners have yet to install comprehensive commercial security systems on their company’s premises. There are plenty of reasons business owners may be reluctant to take the plunge—and we’ll get to those in a minute—but there’s no denying that business security has become a need, not a luxury.

When you consider that around 42% of businesses in the Midwest still don’t have a website, it may come as no surprise that some businesses have yet to invest in commercial security systems in Kansas City. Business owners give several reasons for their hesitation:

  • Concerns about installation time and associated costs
  • Worry that systems may not adequately cover the property or premises
  • Control panels and keypads that are difficult to use or understand
  • A lack of built-in security protocols
  • Systems that are difficult to scale or expand as the business grows
  • Ongoing maintenance costs
  • Lack of a smartphone app or other ways to easily control the security system on the go
  • Worries over false alarms and the expenses associated with them

Those are all legitimate concerns. Fortunately, they’re all handled with wireless commercial security devices and peripherals that are easy to install, manage, and scale. The PowerSeries Neo is a perfect example of how the commercial security industry is rising to the occasion to provide simple, powerful, scalable solutions to meet the needs of businesses like yours.

Built for businesses of all shapes and sizes, the PowerSeries Neo is a hybrid of the best aspects of wired and wireless commercial security systems, combining the dynamic power that your business needs with the simplicity that you and your employees demand. Put simply, the PowerSeries Neo is a one-stop solution that can combine almost all of your commercial security needs into one simple system without sacrificing power, reliability, or flexibility. Here are just a few of the advantages of a system like the PowerSeries Neo for business owners:

  • Easy to Install. Combining the best elements of wired and wireless security, the PowerSeries Neo is easy and inexpensive to install. It reduces the amount of wiring that is required, which reduces the amount of renovation that has to be done to your place of business while also cutting installation time in half. And because the PowerSeries Neo requires less wiring, it can protect even the most difficult-to-reach areas.
  • Covers Everything. Utilizing both cellular and IP communications, “PowerG” wireless technology allows for an effective range of up to 6,500 feet. This means that the PowerSeries Neo can cover your entire operation with a minimal number of wired components, making the system not only comprehensive, but easily scalable as your business grows.
  • Fewer False Alarms. Utilizing some of the leading wireless intrusion technology in the industry, the PowerSeries Neo has been optimized to run as efficiently as possible while still providing the reliability that your business needs. This means fewer false alarms and unnecessary site checks, which translates to cost savings and less worry for you. After all, getting an intrusion alarm can be a heart-pounding scenario for a business owner, and no one wants to deal with those only to learn that it was a false alarm.
  • Easy to Use. With control panels that range in capacity from 16 to 128 zones and an optional smartphone app that puts your security in the palm of your hand, the PowerSeries Neo is a powerful solution that’s also intuitive and easy to use, with keypads that are simple to configure. System administrators and facility managers can manage, monitor, and control the system in real time and access remote diagnostics via a suite of software.
  • Hard to Crack. Using multi-channel frequency hopping and 128-bit AES encryption during real-time alerts, “PowerG” works to keep your system as secure as possible from outside hackers while still getting you all the data that you need.
  • Low Maintenance. Once it is properly installed, the PowerSeries Neo requires battery changes only every five to seven years, meaning that your commercial security system will run more or less maintenance-free, saving you time and money and providing peace of mind.
  • Dynamic and Flexible. Whether your business is large or small, you need a comprehensive commercial security system that can protect your premises, your products, and your people. The PowerSeries Neo can help you do it all. You’ll have access to a wide selection of sensors and accessories including motion detectors, wireless keys, and life-safety devices such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, to name just a few.

Wireless Devices and Peripherals are the Future of Commercial Security

As owners of businesses both large and small realize the growing need for comprehensive commercial security solutions, they demand reliable, affordable, and easy-to-install systems that can protect and grow with their businesses. The PowerSeries Neo combines the reliability of a hardwired security system with the flexibility and scalability of wireless to provide a range of options to fit any business owner’s needs. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, you can find a commercial security system that caters to the specific challenges faced by your business, with solutions that are no bigger—and no smaller—than you need.

At A-TEC Commercial Security in Kansas City, we believe in products like the PowerSeries Neo, and we’re always on the lookout for the latest solutions to help our commercial security customers better protect their businesses and homes. From security cameras and premise access controls to 24/7 monitoring, A-TEC provides complete commercial security systems in Kansas City for businesses just like yours. To learn more about the PowerSeries Neo or any other commercial security systems or peripherals, contact A-TEC Security today.

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