How Self-Storage Facilities Benefit from Commercial Security Systems
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How Self-Storage Facilities Benefit from Commercial Security Systems

When you put something into a self-storage unit, there’s one thing that you expect to be certain: that your belongings will still be safe and sound when you come back for it. That’s why self-storage facilities benefit enormously from the implementation of good commercial security and (especially) security cameras.

A lot goes into ensuring that self-storage facilities—and their customers—are sufficiently protected, including on-site management, adequate lighting (which does more than discourage potential thieves, it also helps to protect customers against possible accidents), gated access, intrusion detection and monitoring on office space, and video surveillance using CCTV security cameras. Some larger facilities may even employ on-site guards.

Ultimately, the best thing for any self-storage facility to do is to contact a professional commercial security company to help define the particular security needs of a given facility, and to find the best ways to address those challenges. Security cameras are one of the most versatile tools around when it comes to commercial security, especially for self-storage facilities, which have a lot of customer traffic coming and going, often at all hours.

A camera attached to the keypad of the gated entry can ensure that the facility gets at least one picture of everyone who enters and leaves, while cameras throughout the site help keep an eye on the place even when no one is around. With digital video cameras from companies like Speco and Interlogix, you can stream the video to monitors in the office in real time, or show customers what is being recorded via DVR.

Most self-storage facilities don’t require security cameras on each unit, as keeping an eye on the facility as a whole lets owners and employees know who’s on-site at a given time, where they are, and what they’re up to. A few cameras at key points throughout the facility are usually enough to not only give you a handle on what’s happening on-site, but also give your customers peace of mind.

Whether you’re running a large chain of self-storage facilities or simply one small location, you’ll want to incorporate security cameras into your commercial security plan. The best way to do that is to hire a commercial security company that knows the ropes and can help you to identify the places on your property where security cameras will do the most good, and which cameras and other commercial security products are right for you.

A-TEC Security in Kansas City has been providing commercial security and residential alarm systems for more than 20 years, so we have plenty of experience in helping our customers find the best security systems for their needs. We can help your self-storage facility determine the best places to install commercial security cameras on your lot and assist your team through setup and implementation so that your customers feel that their belongings in storage are safe and sound, day or night. For more information on self-storage security and security cameras, or to set up a FREE security evaluation, contact A-TEC Security today.

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