35 Things You Should Know About Home Security from a Residential Security Company in Kansas City
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35 Things You Should Know About Home Security from a Residential Security Company in Kansas City

There are a lot of resources online for homeowners who are looking to improve their home security and help deter would-be thieves. The problem is that the information is scattered all over, and sometimes it is coming from sources that may not be as well-versed in the challenges and realities of residential security. How do you find a fairly comprehensive list of tips that may help you protect your home and family? How do you find information about everything from exterior lighting to doors and windows and everything else in between, including how residential security needs may change at different times? The best source for home security tips is an experienced residential security company. We’ve done our best to compile a semi-exhaustive list of residential security tactics and practices that may help keep your home safe, whether you’re at work, on a trip, or watching TV in the living room.

Securing Doors and Windows at Home

  1. Change all the locks when you move into a new place.
  2. Lock all the doors and windows, even if you’re just running out to the grocery store or to pick up the kids from school.
  3. Don’t leave a spare key under the doormat or anyplace else that’s easy to find.
  4. Secure glass patio doors by setting a piece of metal pipe in the bottom of the door’s sliding track.
  5. Don’t forget to close and lock your garage door, too.
  6. Make sure that your exterior doors all have inward-facing hinges. Otherwise burglars can simply remove the hinge pins and get inside without much trouble.
  7. Glass-break sensors or other residential security alarms can help protect your windows, which are otherwise some of your home’s most vulnerable spots.
  8. Windows with multiple panes of glass not only insulate better, they’re more difficult to break.

Garage and Home Exterior Security

  1. If you have an attached garage, install a peephole in the door leading from the garage to the house so that you can investigate any strange sounds or movements without opening the door.
  2. Keep home security in mind when doing your landscaping, and don’t allow trees or bushes near the house. These could provide hiding places for potential burglars.
  3. Outdoor lighting makes your home look inviting to guests and intimidating to burglars, who don’t want to be spotted going about their nefarious business.
  4. Draw attention to an open garage door by making sure that your garage light is bright and activated by a motion sensor.
  5. Don’t leave garage door openers in your vehicles overnight.
  6. Secure outdoor buildings such as sheds and unattached garages.
  7. Don’t store your ladder outside, as burglars may use it to access less-secure second-floor windows.

Protect Your Home While You’re Away

  1. Make your house look occupied at all times by setting up lights on timers when you’re going to be away for long stretches.
  2. Don’t let mail pile up in the mailbox or newspapers in the driveway when you’re on a trip.
  3. If you’re going out, you can leave at least one TV on at a moderate volume to give the appearance that someone is home.
  4. Going on a trip but not taking all of your cars? Leave one parked in the driveway, so it looks like someone is home.
  5. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your house while you’re away.
  6. Keep deliveries off your front porch. When you’re expecting a big package, have it dropped off with a neighbor, or make sure that someone is home to pick it up right away.
  7. Don’t post your travel plans to social media.

Get Everyone Involved in Home Security

  1. Many police departments offer walk-through home inspections that can help you determine what your home’s residential security risk factors might be and how to avoid them.
  2. Make home security a family priority. Hold a household meeting where you discuss home security, and make sure that everyone knows how to use and operate the residential alarm system.
  3. Don’t open your door to a stranger. If someone wants to use the phone, keep the door closed and make the call for him or her. If a service technician or salesperson comes to your door unexpectedly, get credentials before you let them in.
  4. Report any suspicious activity that you see in your neighborhood. Burglars often case neighborhoods before they act.
  5. Don’t just hide valuables around the house. Invest in a safe or move items that you rarely access into a safety deposit box outside the home.
  6. Don’t leave notes for visitors or service professionals on the front door. That’s nothing more than a flag letting potential burglars know that you’re not home.
  7. Get to know your neighbors. While you may or may not have a Neighborhood Watch program, knowing your neighbors helps you keep an eye out for one another and also makes it easier to notice when suspicious people are lurking around.

Residential Security Systems 101

  1. Invest in a residential security system, including security cameras, motion-sensor lighting, and more.
  2. Residential alarm systems are a good deterrent for thieves, so don’t be afraid to advertise. Display yard signs and window stickers to let potential burglars know that your home is protected.
  3. Use your home security system! If you’ve already installed a residential alarm system, it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t turn it on!
  4. A professional home security installation should keep as much of the wiring out of sight as possible, since exposed wiring is a tempting target for would-be burglars.
  5. Make sure that your residential alarm system is backed up by 24/7 monitoring.
  6. Don’t rely on the family dog for your home security, especially if your dog isn’t trained to provide home security.

Residential Security System in Kansas City

Ultimately, the best thing that you can do to help protect your home and family is to invest in a quality residential security system that is configured to meet your needs. A-TEC Residential Security in Kansas City offers a variety of home security solutions, including residential home security cameras and 24/7 monitoring. For more information, contact A-TEC Security today.

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