Business Security Systems in Kansas City Make Use of Mobile Apps for Connectivity and Monitoring
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Business Security Systems in Kansas City Make Use of Mobile Apps for Connectivity and Monitoring

The first security system that allowed users to open a door with a remote control was developed in 1966. We’ve come a long way since then, and today access to information like alerts, alarms, open/close data, system failures, trigger events, and more is available at your fingertips via your smartphone’s touch screen. Today’s commercial alarm systems often utilize mobile apps to convey data and give you control over your system in ways that would have been expensive or impossible just a few years ago.

In the days before wireless, everything had to be hard wired in and facilities managers and business owners had to set up special monitoring in order to keep track of data from commercial alarm systems. That all began to change with the advent of the smartphone. As more and more Kansas City security systems—and systems across the country—leverage smartphone technology to bring remote security services right to your fingertips, you can make use of myriad iOS and Android apps to help keep your property, assets, and people safer than ever before.

Many of these apps are available from the same manufacturers that produce the equipment that drives your commercial security systems.

  • Interlogix has an UltraSync Remote Management Mobile App.
  • DSC has the PowerSeries Neo Go App.
  • Speco offers the SecureGuard Mobile App.
  • Honeywell has a Total Connect 2.0 Remote Services Software App.
  • Bosch has the Remote Security Control App.
  • offers a number of mobile apps for commercial and residential systems.
  • truVision has the TruVision TVRmobile HD app for Android and iPad that allows you to monitor TruVision and UltraView video surveillance equipment.

… just to name a few! Many of these commercial security apps offer real-time alerts in a variety of formats, live-streaming of surveillance videos, and remote control for everything from thermostats and lighting to doors and locks. Most apps tied to commercial alarm systems allow you to arm and disarm systems remotely, and see a history of security events. Some apps even provide tracking for vehicles and other assets.

For example, the Interlogix UltraSync Remote Management Mobile App puts the full power of any UltraSync Series of smart security products in the palm of your hand, while the DSC PowerSeries Neo Go app allows you to obtain and change your system status anywhere, anytime. With the Speco SecureGuard mobile app you can view recorded data either live or in playback with pause, rewind, and fast forward options. And those are just a handful of the functionalities that mobile apps are bringing to commercial security systems for businesses around the Kansas City area.

So if you’re a business owner, facilities manager, or anyone else at the management level (or above) in a commercial business or facility, you now have more options than ever right in the palm of your hand thanks to remote security services and manufacturer-approved apps that tie you to your commercial alarm systems—keeping you connected to your business, buildings, and other facilities, even when you’re on the go. They’ll even help you manage your home security systems!

For all the best in Kansas City commercial security systems and manufacturer-approved mobile security apps, contact A-TEC Security today. We can answer any questions that you might have, and help you find the commercial alarm system with a mobile interface that’s perfect for your business security needs. A-TEC Commercial Security in Kansas City always starts with a FREE security evaluation, and follows up with 24/7 monitoring. We also give you access to the very latest in KC security systems and remote security services.

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