Access Control Anywhere You Need It, Even if it's One Door at a Time!
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Access Control Anywhere You Need It, Even if it’s One Door at a Time!

Most business owners realize the vital role that commercial security systems play in helping to keep businesses safe from internal and external theft. Many have even implemented basic elements of commercial security such as intrusion alarms or commercial security cameras. These, along with 24/7 monitoring to alert business owners, law enforcement, and property managers in the event of a break-in, are among the most popular types of commercial security in Kansas City and across the country, and they’re a good, solid foundation for most businesses.

However, many business owners stop there and don’t go on to install and implement commercial security access control measures such as door controllers, simply because they’re not aware of the available options or the ways those options can help to simplify business processes of all kinds. Fortunately, commercial access controls such as those available from ProdataKey are more affordable than ever. They’re also simple to install and run and a snap to expand. In this article, we will look at how ProdataKey access control systems work and how they can help protect your business so that you are well-prepared to take the next step in adding this valuable tool to your new or existing commercial security systems.

Getting Started with Access Control

So what is commercial access control? Quite simply put, it’s a commercial security system that lets you control who has access to your business. Placed on doors or gates, access controls let you see who is coming and going, and track or disallow visitors at any time, based on pre-set parameters. And because you can set a control on each door individually, you can give employees, vendors, and contractors access to only those parts of the business they need, rather than leaving doors open to everyone. This not only helps to keep your business safe, but it also makes business processes run more smoothly.

Scalable, Affordable Access Control for Your Business

You don’t necessarily need a lot of doors to benefit from commercial access control. ProdataKey access control systems and other commercial access tools are scalable to fit any business, giving you access control on a door-by-door basis, whether you need it for a single door or as many as a thousand. Even if you own a small business that only needs access controls on one or two doors, you can still find solutions that fit your budget and are scalable as your business grows.

From retail stores to restaurants, jewelry stores, banks, distribution centers, government offices, industrial and warehouse facilities, health care institutions, commercial construction, schools, and office spaces of all types—if you can think of any reason why you might want to track or control who comes and goes at your business and allow or disallow access at any time, then you can benefit from commercial access controls.

Simplifying Access Control from Day One

Of course, before your commercial access control system can start helping your business run more efficiently, you’ve got to get it installed. In the past, that could be a rather intimidating undertaking, but thanks to advances in technology and innovations such as the wireless access control systems offered by ProdataKey, installation and operation of access control systems is faster, easier, and cheaper than ever, even saving you as much as 75% compared to installation costs from “the other guys.”

You may have already seen some of ProdataKey’s humorous videos showing the speed and ease of installation—not to mention lower cost—of installing ProdataKey door controllers over the more invasive wired systems that came before. Not only is installation time—and therefore cost—a fraction of what it used to be, but there’s no need to damage your property by drilling a lot of holes or running lengthy cables, which can also reduce your liabilities down the road.

Expanding with Doors and Users

ProdataKey access control systems also expand with your business and are scalable at installation to fit businesses of any size. You can install ProdataKey access controls on one door or one thousand, whatever fits your needs and your budget. Plus, once you have access controls installed on a door or gate, it’s easy to control who comes and goes. If vendors, employees, suppliers, or contractors need access to an area, you just give them a fob and set their access accordingly. If you need to keep one area secure, it’s easy enough to close off that door to everyone who doesn’t need to get in, all without drilling holes and running wires.

Gated Entrances, Too!

ProdataKey door controllers Doors may be the first things we think of when we think about access controls and commercial security systems, but many businesses have gates, too. Fortunately, ProdataKey access control systems can also provide gate access just as easily as they can access doors thanks to the ProdataKey Gate IO, which is housed in a lockable, weatherproof enclosure and can reach up to one mile. It works pretty much just like the internal door controls that we’ve already discussed but is designed to withstand the elements and control outdoor entries without installers having to dig trenches or run heavy cable.

Added Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

Up to now, we’ve mostly been talking about the hardware benefits of ProdataKey’s cloud-based wireless access control systems—quick and easy installation, convenient and scalable controls, and no need to tear up your business running a lot of bulky cable. But backing up that hardware is a powerful suite of access control software that can help you to track and manage who is coming and going at your business, and you can also audit that data down the road. The software includes two-factor authentication, which works much like the two-factor authentication you may be used to on some of your important online accounts, which helps to reduce the risk to your business even further.

A-TEC Security in Kansas City is a Certified ProdataKey Installer, so if you want to learn more about the benefits of ProdataKey door controllers in Kansas City or schedule a quick and easy installation at your business today—for anywhere from one door to up to a thousand!—just contact A-TEC Security and we can help you find the commercial security solutions that are perfect for your business.

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