Residential Security Systems in Kansas City

A-TEC Residential SecurityA-TEC Security has been providing Kansas City security systems to homes and businesses for more than 20 years. We offer complete security systems and 24/7 monitoring. At A-TEC, we know there’s nothing more important to you than the safety of your home and family, and so our services start with a complete (and free) evaluation of your home’s security condition and vulnerabilities, before our security technicians recommend any security components for your home.

Products & Services

With most security system companies, you’ll get a package deal that may not provide for your home’s particular security condition, or may be piled high with expensive, unnecessary extras. With A-TEC, we tailor all of our monitored security systems to your home’s specific security profile, so that you get everything you’re looking for, but only pay for what you need. Our custom-tailored complete security systems include Motion Sensors, Glass Break Sensors, Burglar Alarm Systems, Door and Window Contacts, and much more, including 24/7 monitoring.

You may associate digital surveillance cameras with security systems for business, but more and more residential customers are looking at our digital video cameras (including night vision cameras) with DVR for playback as a way to verify who is ringing the doorbell or to keep an eye on your children playing outside. Whatever your security concerns, our technicians will work with you through your free evaluation to help you find the system that is perfect for you and your family.

No landline? No worries! As more and more families go fully mobile with their telecommunications, wireless security systems have kept up, offering a range of options that are perfect for those who rent or lease. And wireless systems are a snap to relocate!

A monitored home security system from A-TEC can also save you money! Some homeowners’ insurance policies offer discounts for monitored security systems. So whether you just moved into a new home, or have been living in the same place for years, A-TEC can offer custom security solutions to help you and your family feel safe and sound.