For Kansas City Builders: The Value of Pre-Wiring a Home for Security and Convenience
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For Kansas City Builders: The Value of Pre-Wiring a Home for Security and Convenience

From our phones to our cars, all the things that we use every day are becoming “smarter” by the minute, and that goes for our houses, too. As the so-called “internet of things” ramps up, many of today’s homeowners have come to expect an extremely wired existence, with everything from smart TVs to learning thermostats and beyond. And while smartphones and tablets may run on WiFi, many things still need to be wired up. For builders, pre-wiring a home for everything from Ethernet and TV to residential alarm systems can be a huge selling point while also saving you and the homeowner difficulties down the road.

Wiring a home after the fact can be an enormous hassle and a big expense. A home buyer can’t see through walls, after all, and nobody wants to buy a brand new home only to start tearing out sheetrock to run new wiring. Builders who hope to appeal to tech-savvy homeowners benefit from pre-wiring so that home buyers can move in and set up wherever is most convenient for them without having to worry about running new wiring or installing new Ethernet jacks or coax connections.

Pre-wiring helps with more than just hooking up that new smart TV or putting in a wireless router for Google Fiber, though. As more homeowners and businesses rely on integrated residential and commercial security systems, pre-wiring for everything from security cameras to motion detectors to keypads can ensure that residential alarm systems are ready to go as soon as the homeowner moves in.

For most of today’s best builders, time is money, and it’s important to be able to get a house put up on schedule. That means working with a pre-wiring partner who knows their way around the wiring requirements of a house, can work within your schedule, and will stay out of the way of other workmen. It also means contracting with someone who knows how to pre-wire a home for surround sound or a residential alarm system the right way, the first time. Many model homes are advertised as being “pre-wired” for residential alarm systems, only for the buyer to find that the wiring has not been connected from the device back to the head end or system hub.

So, who is your best bet to perform this kind of work in Kansas City? Why not someone with decades of experience wiring and pre-wiring homes and buildings for everything, including residential and commercial security systems? A-TEC Residential Security in Kansas City has been installing residential alarm systems, security cameras, and commercial security in Kansas City for more than 20 years, so when you partner with A-TEC, you’ll know that the job will be done right the first time. For more information or to schedule an evaluation, contact A-TEC Security today.

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