Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Security Systems

Part of being in the security business is providing our clients with excellent service, and at A-TEC Security Systems one of the ways we do that is by answering and addressing our clients’ (and future clients’) questions and concerns. We receive a lot of excellent questions about residential and commercial security, so we’ve set aside some space here to address a few of the more common questions that we run into. And if you’re looking for DSC User Manuals, Spec Sheets, or Installation Guides, click here to visit the DSC Technical Library.

What should I look for when selecting and purchasing a commercial alarm system?
How much does a commercial alarm system typically cost?
What's the monthly cost for alarm monitoring?
What types of residential and commercial security equipment do you carry?
Am I required to carry an alarm permit for my residential or commercial security system?
Is there any benefit to upgrading an existing security system (vs. installing all-new equipment)?
Do you have wireless or cellular security systems?
Does your company offer security systems for monitoring exterior areas?
How soon can I get a new security system installed at my location?
Will we receive any training on how to use our new security system?
What should I expect from the security system installation process?
How does A-TEC Security Systems bill me or my company? How do we pay?
Can I remote control my residential or commercial alarm system through an app on my phone or mobile device?
What happens when somebody accidentally trips the security alarm in my home or business?
Does my residential or commercial alarm system require any maintenance or testing?
How do I set or re-set the Time and Date on my security system keypad?
What should I do if the Trouble Indicator is lit on the security system keypad?
What if the security system keypad shows that I've had an Alarm Occurrence?
What is likely to happen to my security system in the event of a storm-related blackout or other power loss incident?
What do I need to do in order to move or cancel my service with A-TEC Security?

At A-TEC Security Systems, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients. We want to help keep your home or business safe, no matter what size or kind you have. Have a question for us that isn’t addressed here? Feel free to use our contact form to get in touch or request a FREE security evaluation.