Are 1080p or 4K Security Cameras Best for Business Security Systems in Kansas City?
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Are 1080p or 4K Security Cameras Best for Business Security Systems in Kansas City?

Whatever kind of business you run, I think by now we can all agree that the best business security systems incorporate high-definition security cameras in Kansas City. In fact, reports have found that the installation alone of a security camera can prevent up to 67% of burglaries. Of course, business security systems in Kansas City amount to a lot more than just security cameras—including premise access control, remote status alerts, and much more—and savvy businesses use their cameras to do more than just deter crimes.

If you’ve done much shopping for a new TV or other home entertainment equipment—or even just gone out to pick up a new movie—then chances are you’ve already started hearing about the great advances being made in 4K video. So it only makes sense that you might be asking yourself: If I’m going to invest in security cameras in Kansas City anyway, shouldn’t I go ahead and spend the extra cash to get “the best” 4K security cameras that money can buy? We’ll get into the pros and cons of both 4K security cameras and more “standard” 1080p high definition security cameras in Kansas City, and the answers may surprise you.

Benefits of 1080p Security Cameras

Sure, 4K may be the future of home entertainment and, eventually, even of business security systems in Kansas City. But in this case, the future is still years away, while high definition 1080p cameras are here now, they’re affordable, capable, and available in a range of configurations that make them perfect for just about any business.

Sometimes also known as “Full HD,” 1080p cameras capture images that are the same resolution that you will often get with your high definition TVs. The fact that 1080p high definition has already been around for a few years doesn’t mean that it’s obsolete. Quite the contrary. It means that 1080p is tried, tested, and true, not to mention versatile and compatible with a wide variety of technology, including your smartphone, tablet, or computer screen. With 1080p security cameras, there’s no need to overhaul your entire infrastructure to make sure that you can take advantage of your new technology. Everything that you already rely on to access your commercial security video is likely to already be fully compatible. What’s more, 1080p cameras are currently being manufactured by more companies, and are more affordable, than their 4K counterparts. Not just up-front, but down the road, since they use up a lot less memory to store their high definition footage.

Benefits of 4K Security Cameras

Figuring out the difference between 4K and 1080p can be a little confusing, since the two use a slightly different method for measuring the number of pixels incorporated into an image. 1080p measures pixels vertically, meaning that in a “Full HD” image there are 1080 pixels running up the side of the image. A 4K image measures pixels horizontally, which is why 4K can claim “almost four times” as many pixels as 1080p. (Perhaps a clearer representation would be to say that 1080p HD creates an image that is 1920×1080 pixels, whereas a 4K image is 3840×2160 pixels.)

However you slice it, though, there’s no getting around the fact that 4K commercial security cameras produce a sharper, higher-definition image than even those produced by 1080p “Full HD” cameras. This allows for things like clearer digital zoom, which can be useful for businesses that rely heavily on security cameras. So what are the downsides? Perhaps the most obvious is that 4K cameras are a relatively new technology, making them not only expensive, but cumbersome to connect to your old infrastructure equipment. Buying new 4K security cameras in Kansas City often means an outlay of not just the cost to buy the cameras themselves, but also screens that can get the most out of the 4K upgrade, as well as additional storage to handle the fact that each 4K image takes up fully twice as much storage space as the same image from a 1080p camera. 

Comparing the Two Security Camera Systems

Don’t get us wrong: The image that you’ll get from a 4K commercial security camera is pretty impressive and, with the technology that we have right now, it pretty much can’t be beat. But a 4K system can also cost a lot to install, maintain, and run, and for many businesses, the benefits just don’t outweigh the costs, at least not yet. If you run a business where an incredible amount of detail in your commercial security video is a must, then 4K cameras might be right for you, but for most business owners, 1080p high definition commercial security cameras still produce superior images that provide all the information that business owners need, at a fraction of the cost.

And, of course, if you want to get the most out of your 4K experience, you’ll need to ensure that every piece of equipment you use is optimized to interact with 4K footage. Every time 4K footage runs through a piece of older or less-sophisticated equipment, the image is degraded, losing some of that clarity that you paid so much for. In a few years, perhaps the rest of the world will catch up with the potential offered by 4K picture quality. But for now, unless you use your commercial security cameras to catch miniscule details every single day, you’ll find yourself paying twice as much for virtually the same commercial security cameras in Kansas City if you choose 4K over 1080p.

Security Cameras Kansas City Options

Security Camera Features & Options to Consider

Whatever type of camera you choose, you’ll have a variety of options at your fingertips, including wireless cameras, night vision, and more that can help you tailor your commercial security camera solutions to the needs of your business. Of course, because more commercial security companies already manufacture 1080p cameras, you’ll have a broader range of options to select from if you opt for them versus newer 4K cameras. But 4K is adding new features and new product ranges every day, so if you really want the higher resolution video without sacrificing night mode or other features, talk to your commercial security provider in Kansas City about your options.

Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

Maybe the most important thing to remember, whether you’re installing the latest 4K cameras or any other commercial security solutions, is that security cameras are not a standalone part of your business security systems in Kansas City. Your security system is an interconnected whole, not a bunch of separate parts, and all the pieces rely on one-another to perform at their best. That’s why many business owners prefer not to buy one-size-fits-all “out of the box” systems from retail stores or attempt DIY installations. As a technology component, commercial security cameras may seem simple enough, but incorporating them expertly into the overall infrastructure of your business security system is a task that often requires the know-how of a professional commercial security installer—someone who can help you to avoid simple pitfalls like not upgrading your network video recorder (NVR) to accommodate the increased needs of higher-definition digital video.

Why Choose 1080p Commercial Security Cameras in Kansas City… At Least For Now

Ultimately, the best business security system in Kansas City is the one that does the best job of protecting your business. This doesn’t always mean all the latest gadgets, but it does mean finding commercial security solutions that fit the needs and meet the challenges faced by your particular business. For most Kansas City business owners, that means 1080p security cameras are going to do everything that you need, at a fraction of the price that you would pay for a fancier 4K system.

Commercial security is always changing, and there may come a time when even higher-definition camera solutions are the best bet for most Kansas City businesses. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in business security systems in Kansas City that are easy—and affordable—to upgrade, and to rely on the help and expertise of a Kansas City commercial security provider.

A-TEC Commercial Security in Kansas City has been helping businesses find the security solutions that are right for them for more than 20 years, including security cameras, premise access controls, and 24/7 monitoring. To learn more, or for a free commercial security consultation, contact A-TEC Security today.

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