The Commercial Security Benefits of Camera Surveillance, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection
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The Commercial Security Benefits of Camera Surveillance, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection

Who Needs a Commercial Security System?

Anyone familiar with their inner workings knows about the special security needs of retail stores, banks, electronics stores, and bars and restaurants, but the fact is that any business of any size can benefit from a complete commercial security system. After all, every business has customers, employees, and assets that they wish to protect—during regular business hours and after closing time—and a fully-integrated commercial security system lets you keep eyes, ears, and more on things when you’re not around.

Evaluating Commercial Security System Options

When it comes to selecting the right commercial security system for your business, you have a lot of options to choose from, but just about every well-designed commercial security system is going to consist of at least three components: access control systems for exterior and interior doors, commercial security cameras both inside and out, and intrusion detection with 24/7 monitoring that can alert you right away when the integrity of your business is compromised. Each of those components offers a range of choices when it comes to manufacturers, product lines, and equipment, and every business will have its own unique commercial security needs. This means that the right commercial security system for your business will be one that’s tailored to the specific challenges it faces.

Commercial Security Installer

What the Best Commercial Security Companies Will Do for You

Nobody understands the needs of your business better than you do, but when it comes to meeting those needs, sometimes you have to turn to outside professionals. Working with a commercial security company that knows the ins and outs of small business security and is invested in providing you with quality security options tailored to the needs of your business can help ensure that you get the best products and solutions to meet the security challenges that your business faces every day. A good commercial security company will work with you to evaluate your security needs and point out gaps where problems may arise, then help you to find the components that you need to meet your security goals.

Working with a commercial security company that specializes in small business security can help you to ensure that you’re getting only the security system that you need, and not a lot of bells and whistles that won’t help your business. A commercial security company will install all the components of your fully-integrated security system and make sure everything is functioning properly. They will also connect you with 24/7 monitoring, not to mention be on call any time to answer your questions or address any emergencies or concerns.

The Value of a Fully Integrated Security System

Everyone has probably been guilty, at one time or another, of thinking about their security in terms of individual components, rather than as a holistic, integrated system. Security cameras, premise access controls, break-in sensors, and alarms all work well on their own, but a fully-integrated commercial security system is much more than the sum of its parts. When all the components are functioning together, they give you more control over your business and let you keep eyes, ears, and even hands on things when you’re not around. A fully-integrated security system is more than just a bunch of gadgets acting in tandem; it’s an intelligent system that puts the power of your commercial security solutions at your fingertips—often literally, through apps that you can access on your smartphone or tablet.

Always On, ‘Round-the-Clock Protection

Today’s smart, fully-integrated security systems have come a long way over the years. They’re not something you simply “arm” when you leave for the day that lets you or the police know if someone breaks in—though, of course, they can do that, too. Instead, modern commercial security systems are active tools that help you to keep tabs on your business throughout the day, with everything from security cameras that stream to DVR recorders to access controls that monitor activity and capture data that you can use in planning your business. And of course, in the event that something does happen when you’re not around, a fully-integrated security system that incorporates 24/7 monitoring can be set up with your own customized security parameters, and can notify you in any way you choose, whether that means texts, emails, or virtually anything else you can imagine.

Commercial Security Monitoring

Single-Point Control Over Your Entire Security System

With cutting-edge commercial security solutions that are flexible, scalable to the needs of your business—even as those needs may change over time—and wireless, you can enjoy an unprecedented “eye in the sky” when it comes to your business, even when you’re not on the premises. Many systems offer video verification via an app on your phone or tablet, allowing you to immediately identify the cause of a security alert and decide the next course of action. Whether it’s the main lobby, the back alley, the warehouse, or the cash transaction areas, a fully-integrated commercial security system gives you more information and more control over every part of your business than ever before.

Protection Against Internal and External Threats to Your Business

The ultimate goal of any commercial security system is to give you more control over your business and help you keep your customers, your employees, your assets, and your premises safe from both internal threats like employee theft and external dangers such as would-be thieves and vandals. With a fully-integrated security system in place, making the best use of security cameras, access controls, and other components, you can help to deter crime, gather data, and stay informed about what’s going on at your business.

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